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WHY TALENT HERO? TalentHero is the only ATS which offers you a guided process to exponentially increase your recruitment results while decreasing your efforts. Because recruiting is all about experience and efficiency!

OUR MISSION: Being the most efficient all-a-recruiter-needs solution to always achieve the recruitment goals.

Built For Efficiency

Because recruitment is all about efficiency, every feature is designed with simplicity in mind, That's why we designed everything to be seamlessly integrated into your process.

Fully Automated Process

To reduce the boring manual work, we made everything connected automatically: new positions come already populated with candidates, jobs promotions are one click away and many more!

Social Integrations

Our social integrations and widgets will help increase exponentially your talent pool and your open positions will be immediately shared on all medias. Let TalentHero do the work for you!

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

All in one place, simple and easy to use!

TalentHe.ro is the solution which offers talent pool management, candidates pipeline management, public job board and referrals management in a single web application that is extremely easy to use.

Automatic Tracking Candidates

Our algorithms will automatically choose the best candidates from the Talent Pool for the pipeline of your new positions. This way you save a lot of time and make sure you don't miss someone.

Talent Pool

Instantly aggregate all the real and virtual company connections in one place

Being the most important resource for recruiting teams, we offer a variety of ways to automatically populate the Talent Pool with 1 click: import social connections (Linkedin, Github, etc.), chrome extension to import profiles from social websites, CSV import. Of course, people who manually apply will be also part of your Talent Pool.

Easy to manage

You can filter, check and manage your candidates' profiles directly from the Talent Pool page, where you can see their contact information, skills, and / or assign them to positions.

Chrome extension

Forget about manual importing your candidates!

We all know that recruitment it's not just about receiving applicants, but also head-hunting them. And we also know that for an efficient head-hunting process, we need to import the candidates into our database and leave notes about them. But since we all hate manual input because it's tedious and takes a lot of time, we created the Hero Button, which is a Chrome Extension and will import your candidate data in no time!
All you have to do is to visit the candidate page, click a button and the candidate will be in TalentHero!

Access your candidates history in no-time

Forget about contacting the same candidate for a job proposal! If the candidate whose page you are visiting is already in TalentHero, the HeroButton will tell you that he is already in your database and when was the last contact with him.

Public Job Board

Leveraging your referral potential!

Share your positions with the public using our beautifully designed job board which you can customize with your company's colors! This is closely related with the referral module so you know if someone who applied came from a referral or from the broad internet.

Easily share on social media

Each job has the option to be shared on the most important social media channels, so this way your chances of finding the best match increase exponentially!


Measure everything!

You cannot have a process wihtout efficient measurements! That's why with our reporting widget you will be on top of everything with information like: how many employees were hired by each recruiter, how many positions were closed, their current status and many more!

Make from recruitment a game

Each month will bring you rankings of your recruiting team, so everyone will know who is the A-player!

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TalentHe.ro aims to be the most efficient all-a-recruiter-needs solution which offers talent pool management, candidate tracking for the open positions, public job board and referrals management in a single and clean dashboard that is extremely easy to use.

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Talent Hero is about less time involving manual work and more time focusing on actions which bring results and value to the business. For suggestions or scheduling a demo, please EMAIL US or use the below form